Andy Keel used to be a top banker at 2 of the major banks in Switzerland. In 2009 his son was born, and he became a househusband. Playing with his son brought back memories of his own childhood and the notion that Andy wanted to become a brick layer or foreman as a child. He used to spend entire afternoons at construction sites. At the same time, Andy was looking to buy a concrete bathtub for his own renovation project. However, there were no concrete bathtubs on the market and conventional concrete producers were reluctant to produce a custom-made tub. That’s how dade design started. Step by step – bit by bit. The know-how, technology, formwork process was developed by Ralph Siebenthal and Andy Keel in a lean start-up manner. The first concrete bathtub was produced in a small garage and was immediately included into the exhibiting at the Museum of Modern Art in Barcelona. In the same year, Willy Bruckbauer ordered the first dade concrete kitchen for the first-generation BORA.

Below you will see some images of the current Dade Design catalogue.

Bar counter

Concrete columns

Concrete storage bench

Bench with drawers

Bench detail


Seating area

Fashion store

Display counter